Frequently Asked Questions

PopYum Advantages

How does PopYum compare to other formula mixing bottles?

Is PopYum better at home?

How is PopYum better on the go?

Can I use PopYum at daycare?

Is PopYum better with a babysitter or caretaker?

Safe Materials

Is PopYum BPA free?

How are PopYum materials better?

Is PopYum FDA Certified?

Is PopYum TSA approved?

Bottle Cleaning

Is it easier to clean PopYum bottles?

Do I need to use a bottle brush?

Can all parts be run through the dishwasher?

How can I sterilize PopYum bottles?

Which sterilizers are compatible with PopYum baby bottles?


Which bottle warmers are compatible with PopYum baby bottles?

Is it okay to feed baby room temperature formula?

What type formula can you use with PopYum bottles?

How long does formula last in the bottle?

Can I use breast milk with PopYum bottles?

Do you take the agitator out of the bottle before feeding?

Does the agitator interfere with feeding?

Is PopYum microwave safe?

Why not just make pre-made formula?

Why is a funnel included with each PopYum bottle?

Is PopYum an anti-colic bottle?

I'm worried about bacteria, is it safe to store formula in a bottle?

Is powder formula sterile?

How Do I Insert the Nipple?

How Do I Load the PopYum Bottle?

How Do I Assemble the PopYum bottle?

Nipple Compatibility/Materials

How does the nipple shape compare to other bottles?

Is PopYum compatible with nipples from other brands?

What nipple comes with each bottle?

What is the nipple made of?