PopYum was designed by active parents for happy babies. PopYum is a parent owned and operated company with a vision of making better everyday baby products. We are driven by our passion for happier and healthier babies, positive childhood development, improving the environment and our desire to make impactful products for today’s active parenting needs. 

Our precious son and a collection crummy baby bottle feeding experiences was the inspiration behind our very first product—the innovative PopYum baby bottle. PopYum stores formula and water separately in the bottle until hunger calls. When designing the PopYum bottle we set a number of goals including: it must be made of the safest material, easy to use with a single hand, have a more natural latch, be anti-colic, have a wide mouth design, and have only a few parts to assemble and clean. We are thrilled that we were able to create, what we believe, is a great baby bottle.

Our mantra is Better for baby, family and the planet! Join the PopYum movement!