Ashley - Our New PopYum SuperStar from Cambodia

Ashley - Our New PopYum SuperStar from Cambodia

Ashley’s Instagram: @ash____kim

Say hello to our new PopYum SuperStar Ashley from Cambodia! She is a mom of her 3 month old son, Vitou! Prior to the pandemic, she was a cabin crew member- as to expect for someone who loves to travel! For moms like Ashley often on the go, PopYum makes traveling significantly easier anywhere and anytime! With the power of the internet, she discovered PopYum all the way from Cambodia! 

PopYum Superstars features our wonderful PopYum moms and dads who love to share the joy of PopYum with other babies and parents! We love to meet all of you wonderful PopYum family and friends. It always brings a smile to our face seeing the joys of feeding and to be a part of your baby’s life. 

We would like to give a big shoutout to our superfans, who will be honored with the title of PopYum Superstar! PopYum Superstars can earn free PopYum products, become an affiliate with PopYum on Amazon, have an article featuring him/her in our blog and a mention on our website, and may be involved with some of our exciting activities- such as giveaways, contests, and more! For a chance to be a PopYum star, share your stories and posts with your baby and PopYum and you may be selected to be our next PopYum Superstar! 

PopYum is very excited to have Ashley as our tenth PopYum Superstar joining us! We got the wonderful chance to talk with Ashley to learn more about her amazing journey as a proud boy mama often on the go.

PopYum: How did you feel the day you became a mom for the first time?

Ashley: I cannot describe how I feel. I just want to see my son's face and bring joy to the world. 

PopYum: How did you discover PopYum?

Ashley: I was researching on the internet about which bottle is suitable for me as a clumsy mom and easy going for my child. 

PopYum: What tips would you give to a first time parent that you wish you knew when you had your first baby?

Ashley: As parents, we have to manage and stay calm while the baby cries. We don't know exactly what they want at first. 

PopYum: What do you think is the most challenging part of being a mom?

Ashley: The most challenging part of being a mom is that I have many tasks everyday which I cannot get my hands off of. I don't even get time for myself. 

PopYum: What’s your favorite thing about PopYum?

Ashley: PopYum is easy and flexible every time I need it. Just "Pop the button, Shake, and Enjoy".

PopYum: What is your favorite part about becoming a mom?

Ashley: I don't feel lonely anymore. I have baby fever and I never get tired of being a mom. 

PopYum: Tell us about Vitou!

Ashley: My baby is 3 months old. He's Cambodian. He's so naughty. Always cries when he's hungry and sleepy. I cherish my baby to the moon. But he's growing bigger day by day and I'm really enjoying every moment with him.

PopYum: Tell us about you!

Ashley: I was a cabin crew member before the pandemic. I like to travel around. In the future, I'm going to bring my son everywhere with PopYum.


PopYum: What do you like to do for fun?

Ashley: Most of the time I'm staying with my son and I always find something new for him and social media.

PopYum: How has your life changed since becoming a mom? 

Ashley: Like 360 degrees my life changed from single to triple. I always have to prepare his stuff and I'm super busy.

PopYum: How do you find ‘me-time’ while raising Vitou?

Ashley: While he's napping or maybe later after he goes to nursery school I guess. No me-time for me.

PopYum: Do you have anything else about yourself, your family, Vitou, or anything else that you’d like to share with PopYum friends and family?

Ashley: Nothing much about myself but I want to share PopYum to my friends and others. I can't even prepare his milk properly if I don't have PopYum.

PopYum: Do you have any “mom hacks” or cool tips or tricks you’d like to share with the rest of PopYum Nation? 

Ashley: Give a bath to your baby before bed. It will help your baby sleep well.

What do you think of Ashley’s amazing story?  Comment below! We’d love to hear! 

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