Planning a Baby Shower with PopYum

Planning a Baby Shower with PopYum

Planning a baby shower can be very daunting, thrilling, and exciting all at the same time! Whether you’re the mother-to-be or the best friend or a close family member of the mother-to-be, a baby shower can be filled with lots of emotions and anxiety about making it the perfect baby shower you’ve always dreamed of. Luckily, if you start planning early, the easier it will be to have that dream baby shower! While the exact specifics of the baby shower can vary depending on what the mother-to-be likes and prefers, there are some general guidelines that might help when thinking about and preparing for a baby shower. While some mothers-to-be might prefer to have the baby shower closer to the baby’s arrival date than others, we recommend having the baby shower around the 7th month the mother-to-be is pregnant- that way the baby will be coming soon but it won’t be so late in the pregnancy as when things may get a bit more uncomfortable for the mother-to-be. 

Below we will share PopYum’s baby shower checklist that may be of guidance while preparing for a baby shower whether you are the mother-to-be or the host planning the party. Note that these are just suggestions for a general timeline of preparing for a baby shower and that some people may prefer a slightly different timetable. 

For the Mother-To-Be: 

Around your 4th or 5th month pregnant, consider whether you’d like to have a baby shower and what kind of party you’d like to have. This will give you plenty of time to make sure adequate time is put into preparing for the baby shower of your dreams. Think of when you’d like to have a baby shower, and who or whom you would like to host or co-host your baby shower. If you have a certain theme in mind, be sure to let the host(s) know so they can plan accordingly. 

For the Host(s): 

7-8 weeks before the baby shower: 

  1. Set a date and time for the event. Make sure it works with the mother-to-be’s schedule. 
  2. Determine your budget for the event. 
  3. Think of some possible locations for the baby shower, then narrow it down to the final 3, then choose your top choice location. Depending on the venue, some may be better to reserve far in advance. 
  4. Start preparing a guest list with the mother-to-be. Depending on your budget and your location, determine approximately your ideal maximum occupancy for guests. Write down the guest’s names and addresses (if you are planning to send invitations via postal mail) or email addresses and phone numbers (if you are planning to send invitations digitally). 
  5. Food: Determine what kind of food will be served at the baby shower and whether it will be made by you and others or through a catering service or some other provider. Some baby showers will have a pot-luck style and have each guest bring a dish or appetizer, sometimes the host and perhaps a few others will prepare the food themselves, or maybe even some will bring some treats from the grocery store. Regardless, determine what food you’d like to have at the baby shower and make sure to contact any services if applicable so that you can get the food you’d like before the baby shower begins. 
  6. Determine the theme for the baby shower. Ask the mother-to-be first about her preferences whether it’s for a certain color palette such as pastel colors or her favorite color, a gender theme such as for a boy or girl, or even other themes such as a nature theme. Then with a theme, you can plan the decorations accordingly. 

5-6 weeks before the baby shower:

  1. If you are sending physical invitations, you want to order the materials ahead of time in case it takes a while to send. Make sure to consult with the mother-to-be and ask if she has a baby registry so that you can put that on the invitation. Make sure that the location, date, and time are all confirmed with any services or venues if applicable. Send invitations to guests. 
  2. Determine the number of tables and chairs you will need. 
  3. Determine how the tables should be set up- such as with name tags, flowers, candles, etc. 
  4. Write a list of decoration pieces, props, and general items you’d like to have for the party. If you are getting professional floral arrangements, contact possible florists to ensure the flowers will be on time. 
  5. Think of some ideas for the baby shower agenda. Many different ideas, such as baby shower games, can be found on Pinterest. 
  6. Look into hiring a photographer or designate or ask for volunteers for a few different guests to be a photographer, depending on how big the event is. The mother-to-be will definitely want to look at photos later on and will be busy during the event to take photos! 
  7. Determine whether you will provide party favors for the guests and if so, decide what you’d like to include in each party favor. 
  8. Determine if you’d like to assign additional roles for other host(s) (if applicable) or guests in the party- such as someone to write down who each gift is from when the mother-to-be is opening or so on, someone to pick up the mother-to-be to bring them to the venue (if applicable), and the list can go on.

2-4 weeks before the baby shower: 

  1. Continue to check for R.S.V.P.s to keep track of who is planning to attend (or not planning to attend). 
  2. Shop for any of the non perishable decoration pieces, props, and general items that you will need for the party. If you are providing plates and utensils, make sure to buy enough plates, cups, utensils, napkins, and more for all of the guests. 
  3. Confirm with designated guests (if applicable) to see if they’re still okay with being the designated photographer, gift tracker, etc.). If you are having catering, going to a venue, and having professional photographers, musicians, etc. come to your baby shower, confirm with them that they’re still able to come and everything is all clear. 

1 week before the baby shower: 

  1. Recontact anyone who hasn’t RSVPed yet and get the final headcount of guests. 
  2. Confirm with other guests/host(s) any tasks that must be done and prepared prior to the baby shower. 
  3. Prepare the baby shower gift favors (if applicable). 

The day before (or morning of) the baby shower: 

  1. Get any perishable items - flowers, food, etc. 
  2. Set up the party.

During the Party: 

  1. Have an introduction to the baby shower. Give some heartfelt words to the mother-to-be, go around the room and have everyone introduce themselves, and go over the agenda of the baby shower. The agenda could be something like: talking, eating, opening gifts, playing games, taking photos and so on! 

Baby showers are what you want to make it! Whether it’s a small or large party, everyone is there to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. If you’re thinking of what to get for the mother-to-be, a PopYum bottle can be a great choice. Happy baby shower planning! 


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