Baby with PopYum Bottle

PopYum Baby Bottle 101

New to the world of baby bottles and/or PopYum? Don’t worry- we all were at some point! We know it can be confusing when comparing different baby bottle sizes and nipple sizes, especially bottles like PopYum that separate water from formula- so we are here to help! 

PopYum Sizes

For newborns, we recommend starting with a 5 oz PopYum bottle- as they won’t need too much breast milk or formula milk in one setting. If you have a baby older than 3 months, or would like to use the PopYum bottle for longer, we recommend starting with a 9 oz bottle. 

Nipple Sizes

For nipple sizes, we have 4 sizes from stage 1 through 4. We recommend stage 1 slow flow nipples (these come with our 5 oz PopYum bottles) to our 0-3 month old babies. For 3-6 month old babies, we recommend stage 2 medium flow nipples (these come with our 9 oz PopYum bottles). For 6-9 month old babies, we recommend stage 3 fast flow nipples. For 9 month and older babies, we recommend stage 4 very fast flow nipples. Stage 3 and 4 nipples are not included with our 5 or 9 oz bottles and must be purchased separately. Of course your baby may develop faster or slower than the average. If you are not sure which flow rate to start with, try the slower option first and see how your little one manages it! 

Loading Formula

  1. Pinch the nipple and enter it from the bottom to top through the orange mid section piece. 
  2. Add the top cap to orange mid section piece. 
  3. Flip upside down so the lid is on the bottom.
  4. Put the funnel over the orange mid section piece.
  5. Pour in the desired amount of formula into the nipple. (Follow your formula brand recommendation regarding the amount of formula to add)
  6. Remove the funnel.
  7. Insert the agitator into the nipple area to seal the formula into the nipple.  
  8. Pour the desired amount of water into the bottom bottle. 
  9. Screw together the top and bottom bottle parts. 

    Making Formula 

    1. Check to make sure the formula is loaded on the top section. 
    2. Using one hand, press onto both buttons on the sides of the PopYum bottle and then release the buttons. You will then see the agitator drop into the water.
    3. Gently shake the bottle so that the formula mixes with the water.

    Cleaning PopYum 

    With PopYum’s wide design, PopYum can easily be cleaned with a sponge and will not require a bottle brush. All 5 parts of PopYum are top rack dishwasher safe and may be hand washed or machine washed.  You can sterilize PopYum bottles using the same methods as regular baby bottles: steam cleaning, boiling water, or sterilizing tablets.

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