PopYum Silicone Training Cups 101

PopYum Silicone Training Cups 101

Say hello to our new silicone training cups! Each package comes with two cups, one with handles and one without, paired together in an array of complementary colors. There are five color combinations to choose from: blue/green, blue/orange, purple/pink, pink/blue, or green/pink.

Why PopYum Silicone Training Cups? 

Our Silicone Training Cups facilitate an easy transition from baby bottles to handheld cups while encouraging independent feeding. Our training cups are designed to be safe and easy to use for little ones, promoting important oral and motor development such as:

  • Improving lip flexibility
  • Strengthening tongue, jaw, and cheek muscles
  • Developing swallow function
  • Promoting hand-eye coordination
  • Learning how to hold a cup with handles and without 

With the wide base design, PopYum silicone training cups are tip-resistant. The silicone material makes these cups unbreakable and safe on soft, developing gum tissue and teeth. In comparison, hard spout sippy cups can damage teeth and gums since the spout can push on the child’s gums/teeth as they suck. As a result, using hard spout sippy cups may lead to crooked teeth and/or tooth decay. 

What age do you recommend these silicone cups for? 

We recommend these cups for babies 6 months or older. At home, in preschool, daycare, or a caregiver setting, these cups are perfect for helping babies learn how to drink from a cup and will be useful for the years following. 

How big are the silicone cups? 

Similar developmental cups on the market can only hold a little over 2 ounces while our silicone cups hold up to 5 ounces. This means PopYum Silicone Training cups will be useful throughout the younger growth stages of your child.

Are the silicone cups dishwasher safe?

Yes! Our silicone training cups are dishwasher safe as well as microwave and freezer safe.  In fact, our cups are made with premium, stain, and odor resistant silicone that is free of any BPA, BPS, PVC, latex and phthalates.

What else should we know about these cups? 

Our cups are stackable! The cups can be easily stacked in a cupboard for storage or, for fun, can be used as stacking activity by your little one!

As well, the cups are great for snack time! They are large enough to hold small, snackable, finger foods including cut vegetables, fruits, crackers and more!

See our PopYum Silicone Cups in Action below:



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