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How does PopYum compare to other formula mixing bottles?

• ONE HANDED: PopYum is the only bottle designed for single handed use, so that you can hold your baby with your other hand • WIDE NIPPLE: The natural latch and wide nipple makes it easy to switch between breast and bottle • SAFE MATERIALS: PopYum only uses premium German silicone and Samsung polypropylene • FEWER PIECES: PopYum is made of only 5 pieces! This makes it faster to assemble and much faster to clean, saving you a bunch of time throughout the week • WIDE DESIGN: PopYum is easier for baby to hold and you can use a regular sponge to clean the bottle • BIGGER: PopYum bottles hold an additional ounce of formula compared to other bottles.

Why not just make pre-made formula?

PopYum was created to make life easier, whether you are at home or on the go. Room temperate formula provides for a better simulation of natural breast milk than a cold bottle. PopYum eliminates the need to carry a heavy cooler bag, worrying about spoiling milk or if the bottle is too hot or too cold at feeding time.

Are PopYum bottles BPA and PVC free?

Created by concerned parents, PopYum is made of only premium German silicone and Samsung polypropylene. We invite all parents to compare PopYum materials to those of any other brand. PopYum bottles are free of BPA, BPS, latex, lead, nitrosamines, PET, phthalates, PVC and TPE.

Is PopYum compatible with nipples from other brands?

Unfortunately, it is not. The enlarged nipple design holds the powder formula. Due to its shape and size, only PopYum nipples are compatible with PopYum bottles.

What nipple comes with each bottle?

5 oz. bottles come with Stage 1 slow flow nipples (newborns+) and 9 oz. bottles come with Stage 2 medium flow nipples (3 months+).

Do you take the agitator seal plate out before feeding?

No! The seal plate is designed to stay in the bottle and, with a few shakes, act as an agitator to help mix the water and formula as well as prevent any clumping.

Does the agitator seal plate interfere with feeding?

No! The seal plate is prevented from getting close to the nipple. It helps mix the formula, then just floats way from the nipple in the bottle.

Can all parts be run through the dishwasher?

All parts are top rack dishwasher safe.

Is it okay to feeding baby room temperature formula?

Doctors recommend either warm or room temperature formula—both are acceptable.

How is PopYum better at daycare?

Most daycares keep pre-made formula in a refrigerator, then stick cold bottles in a steaming hot crockpot to warm up the formula as baby cries for food. Sticking a bottle in hot water adds to the possibility of inducing chemical leaching from the bottle into the formula.