10 Gender Reveal Fails

10 Gender Reveal Fails

Sharing the big news of the gender of your soon to be born baby with all of your loved ones can be exciting, often leading to a giant celebration with fancy decorations, explosives, and more. Sometimes though, things don’t end up how one would expect. Here are some stories of gender reveal fails where things didn’t quite turn out the way one would expect. Should you decide to share the big exciting news with your loved ones - have fun, but also be safe! 
1) Bye Bye Balloon: This couple decided to use a balloon to reveal the gender. However, this balloon just didn’t want to pop and then flew away! Now the baby’s gender really is up in the air. 
2) Missing Confetti: Imagine popping the balloon only to find.. nothing! Guess this couple still has to wait to find out their baby’s gender. 
3) Pineapple Baby: Well, looks like this couple will be having a pineapple! Seems there was a mix-up with the balloon orders…
4) Cat Reveal: Looks like the cat ended up popping the balloon early ruining the surprise before all the guests came over! 

Interrupting my usual content to show you my Gender reveal fail 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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5) Falling Box: Instead of balloons, the box just fell and hit the family on their head! Ouch! 
6) Toddler’s snipping mistake: This toddler was told to snip the balloon, but instead snipped the string, making the balloon fly away into the sky! 
@espn This gender reveal didn’t go as planned 😂 @candiceelizabethw ♬ original sound - ESPN
7) Carrie Underwood announcement: A Carrie Underwood fan asked Carrie Underwood to reveal the gender of the baby from opening an envelope at one of her concerts. She announced that the fan would be expecting a girl, only to find out the next day that the nurse misread her chart and the soon-to-be mom is actually expecting a baby boy. Oops! 
8) Gender Reveal Fire: At a gender reveal party outside of Los Angeles, California, a pyrotechnic device when ignited, combined with the over 100 degree weather, was enough for the fire to turn into a massive wildfire. The wildfire spread to roughly 23,000 acres while also destroying 5 homes and 15 other buildings.  
9) Another Fire: In Arizona, a border patrol agent who was off duty set up a target, shot the target with a rifle which exploded into blue smoke, then set off another massive wildfire that spread over 45,000 acres of land. He was then charged 8 million dollars for the damages. 
10) Grandpa’s Face covered in blue: Missing the ball altogether, the gender reveal baseball exploded on the soon-to-be born baby’s grandpa’s face, covering his face in blue powder. 

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