20 Gender Reveal Ideas to Celebrate Your Exciting News

20 Gender Reveal Ideas to Celebrate Your Exciting News

Now that you’re expecting - what’s next? Finding out your baby’s gender! This is an exciting period of pregnancy and it’s more than likely you will be asked if you know the gender yet. Should you decide to take the big step of finding out the gender of your baby and the bigger step of sharing the news with friends and family, how do you go about it? There are so many different and creative ways to celebrate this monumental occasion. Check out PopYum’s list of gender reveal ideas below! 

1. Cupcakes/Cakes

Have the baker make the inside of the cake/cupcakes pink or blue to match the gender of the new baby. Then when it’s time to reveal, cut the cake and…surprise!

Source: https://pin.it/S8oH6TK 

Source: https://pin.it/qPLsguX

2. Good Fortune

Order personalized fortune cookies that you can give everyone at your baby gender reveal. Once everyone has one, open them at the same time.

Source: https://pin.it/ZwxqAtU

3. Pinata

Do you remember the fun you had as a kid hitting a pinata at birthday parties? Now it’s time to do it again! Guests will love being involved in or watching the pinata explode! 

Source: https://pin.it/5odvw0l

4. Confetti

Use a confetti cannon to shoot out exciting confetti! 

Source: https://pin.it/34VB5Gl

5. Nix a Name

Chances are that you have a list of boy and girl names you like. At your gender reveal party, have a list of both names hanging up. Then have a friend who knows the gender of your baby walk up in front of all your guests and take down the list of names that you won’t be needing.

6. Macarons

Have the inside of the macaron pink or blue to match the color of the gender. 

Source: https://pin.it/3mFL5ry

7. Balloon Box

Open a box where either blue or pink balloons will pop out to reveal the gender! 


8. Message in a Bottle

This is a perfect way to reveal the gender of your baby to their sibling. Write a note from the baby to your older children and stick it in a bottle. Have a loved one hide it in the sand on the beach for the kids to find.

9. Include your furry friend(s)

Have your dog or cat involved in the act and customize a bandana with the special details on one side. 

Source: https://bit.ly/3N08iqK

10. Balloon Pop

Pop a giant balloon to then reveal the gender! 

Source: https://pin.it/4wt7afB

11. Paint Guns

Shoot a paint gun to see the gender via paint!  

Source: https://pin.it/5k9s9TT

12. Silly String: Have everyone spray the silly string to see what color comes out! 

 Source: https://pin.it/7AlhEXj

13. Rubber Duck: Have friends and family put a rubber duck gender reveal fizz set into water and watch the water change color to pink or blue! This can be a great way to share the gender with people even via mail who aren’t able to come to a gender reveal party. 

Source: https://amzn.to/40hb7a5

14. Scratch Off Cards: Give out scratch cards for people to scratch to reveal the gender! This is another great idea to reveal the gender if you’d like to share the gender with other loved ones who may not be able to come to a party or if you decide to not have a party. 

Source: https://pin.it/3P4i1vo

15. Bath Bomb: Place the bath bomb in water to see what color the water turns!

 Source: https://pin.it/1NY1AWx 

16. Baseball: Baseball fans will love this option! You can get gender reveal baseballs that when hit, explode into pink or blue! 

Source: https://pin.it/52ZQwuZ

17. Soccer Ball: Fan of soccer? Kick a gender reveal soccer ball to explode into blue or pink!

Source: https://pin.it/3gPIfEb

18. Golf Ball: Get a par at your gender reveal par-ty with a gender reveal golf ball!

Source: https://pin.it/51tPcak

19. Spill the tea

Host a tea party for your gender reveal with friends and family. Have several teapots that are filled with pink or blue tea, depending on it you’re having a girl or boy. Once everyone is sitting down, tell them they can start pouring their tea, which will let them know what you’re having.

20. Balloon Popping board: Use a balloon popping board to reveal the gender! You can either have all of the balloons pop to be the same color, or make it a Bingo-like board to pop them all and see where a whole row or column is one color!

Source: https://pin.it/1qbzC4B

These ideas are just some of many to announce your exciting news. Let us know your thoughts below! Know of any other great gender reveal ideas? Comment below to share with other expecting moms! 

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