Brooke - Our New PopYum Superstar

Brooke - Our New PopYum Superstar

Brooke - Our New PopYum SuperStar

Brooke’s Instagram: @hellobrooklynn

Say hello to our new PopYum SuperStar Brooke from North Carolina! Brooke, who caught our eye on Instagram with her beautiful  pictures of her baby Ev with PopYum, is a first time mom. 

PopYum Superstars features our wonderful PopYum moms and dads who love to share the joy of PopYum with other babies and parents! We love to meet all of you wonderful PopYum family and friends. It always brings a smile to our face seeing the joys of feeding and to be a part of your baby’s life. 

We would like to give a big shoutout to our superfans, who will be honored with the title of PopYum Superstar! PopYum Superstars can earn free PopYum products, have an article featuring him/her in our blog and a mention on our website, and may be involved with some of our exciting activities- such as giveaways, contests, and more! For a chance to be a PopYum star, share your stories and posts with your baby and PopYum and you may be selected to be our next PopYum Superstar! 

PopYum is very excited to have Brooke as our third PopYum Superstar joining us! We got the wonderful chance to talk with Brooke to learn more about her amazing journey as a new mom. 

PopYum: How did you feel the day you became a mom for the first time?

Brooke: Best day ever. We had a long road in growing our family through adoption but our son was worth every single bit of it. We knew when we met him that we’d love him forever.

PopYum: What tips would you give to a first time parent that you wish you knew when you had your first baby?

Brooke: My biggest tip is to go with your gut. You’ll hear so many opinions but God gave you that child for a reason and mama knows best. Also — bring those babies into your lifestyle, don’t stop living when you become a parent. Take them traveling, go out to eat, they will get used to whatever you do!

PopYum: What do you think is the most challenging part of being a mom?

Brooke: Putting away the tiny clothes they’re growing out of can be tough even though it’s so fun watching them learn and grow.

PopYum: What’s your favorite thing about PopYum?

Brooke: The convenience, hands down. 

PopYum: What is your favorite part about becoming a mom?

Brooke: I absolutely love how my son knows I’m mama. He looks for me, he knows he’s safe with me, he loves me so much. I’ve never known a love like that. 

PopYum: Tell us something about you! What do you like to do for fun?

Brooke: Pushing my stroller for long walks through Target with a coffee in my hand. It’s so simple but I waited so long to become a mom that all the little things I dreamt about while I was waiting means so much to me now.

PopYum: How do you find ‘me-time’ while raising your kids?

Brooke: Joining a gym with childcare was the best decision! Don’t underestimate how wonderful it is to have an hour to focus on yourself every day.

We want to know some of your thoughts and experiences! Are they similar to Brooke’s? Anyone out there adopt as well? Do you have anything you’d like to share with the rest of PopYum nation? Comment below! We’d love to hear! 


  • Charleen Latta said:

    Love pop yum !!!! Wish I would’ve had these bottles with my 11 year old… literally saw these bottles & fell in love before I even received them. Order the set of 3 5oz & then the set of 3 9oz after using them one time ! My daughter is almost 1 month old & My nights are way easier because of these bottles! Thank you guys 🥰💕 if your deciding which bottles to get ! Pop yum hands down !

    February 09, 2022

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