3rd Trimester Tips From PopYum Moms

3rd Trimester Tips From PopYum Moms

The third trimester of pregnancy can often cause a lot of discomfort and as we get closer to our due date, feelings of anxiety and excitement are all over the place. We asked some of our PopYum moms what tips they found useful or what advice they have to share with others. Here are some of their top tips!

  1. Avoid acidic foods as they may cause heartburn. In general, I found avoiding spicy food and fried food helped reduce my heartburn. 
  2. While sleeping on your side, put a pillow under your belly to support it. 
  3. Put your feet up if they are swollen and wear comfortable shoes. 
  4. Swimming is a good form of exercise that you can still do in your 3rd trimester. It will help you not feel the burden of the heavy weight as much and can help relieve some of the body aches. 
  5. Make sure to have iron in your diet. If you’re low on iron, you might feel even more fatigued than usual. 
  6. Start a baby registry for useful items such as clothes and PopYum! You will be busy once your baby is born so it helps to have a lot of the essentials ready before your baby arrives!
  7. If you have a partner or a close friend or family member nearby or that lives with you, let them help you! Talk with them about how they can help you and make it easier on yourself. 
  8. Rest as much as possible! Every moment of rest counts. 
  9. If you can, get a prenatal massage. 
  10. Look into possible pediatricians for your baby - ideally before your baby is born so that you’re all prepared. 
  11. Prepare some easy meals if you can before your due date! That way you don’t have to do as much cooking after you give birth- you are going to be very, very tired. 
  12. Have some fun with your friends! Once your baby is born, your free time will become rare.
  13. From feeling your baby kicking to getting body aches and more, it’s going to be hard to get a good night’s sleep. If you can, try not to drink liquids an hour or two before bed- that way you won’t wake up in the middle of the night as frequently to go to the bathroom. 
  14. Take a warm bath- make sure it’s not too cold nor too hot like a hot tub. It’ll make your body feel a little better! 
  15. If you’re sitting, try to keep your back up straight instead of leaning forward to give your baby and you more room! 
  16. Pregnancy pillows can make resting more comfortable. 
  17. Have a fan around you that you can use when you’re feeling hot!
  18. Breaking up your meals into smaller meals helped me with reducing heartburn. 
  19. Meditate or do some prenatal yoga. You’ll feel better mentally and physically. 
  20. Have some light crackers around you just in case you get hungry. 
  21. Avoid unnecessary long traveling such as long car rides or plane rides. If you sit for too long while pregnant, it could lead to possible blood clots. If you have to sit a lot, try to stretch or move a little bit every hour or two to get the blood flowing. 
  22. Go to the bathroom as much as you can. Although it sounds silly, having an empty bladder will make you feel better since you will feel more pressure as the baby is getting closer to being born. Let it all out! 

What do you think about the tips other PopYum moms shared? What did you find helpful during your third trimester? Share below! 

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