Frankie - Our New PopYum SuperStar

Frankie - Our New PopYum SuperStar

Frankie- Our New PopYum SuperStar

Frankie’s TikTok:  @judesmamma11


Say hello to our new PopYum SuperStar Frankie and her baby Jude from San Diego! Frankie, who caught our eye on TikTok with her amazing videos of her life as a new mom of baby Jude with a kitchen full of PopYum bottles, has several tips on preparing bottles, cleaning bottles, and more! You can check out more of her amazing PopYum adventures as a new mom at

PopYum Superstars features our wonderful PopYum moms and dads who love to share the joy of PopYum with other babies and parents! We love to meet all of you wonderful PopYum family and friends. It always brings a smile to our face seeing the joys of feeding and to be a part of your baby’s life. 

We would like to give a big shoutout to our superfans, who will be honored with the title of PopYum Superstar! PopYum Superstars can earn free PopYum products, become an affiliate with PopYum on Amazon, have an article featuring him/her in our blog and a mention on our website, and may be involved with some of our exciting activities- such as giveaways, contests, and more! For a chance to be a PopYum star, share your stories and posts with your baby and PopYum and you may be selected to be our next PopYum Superstar! 

PopYum is very excited to have Frankie as our fourth PopYum Superstar joining us! We got the wonderful chance to talk with Frankie to learn more about her amazing journey as a new mom. 

PopYum: How did you feel the day you became a mom for the first time?

Frankie: The first day I became a mom was unbelievable! I was speechless for the first time in my life! Trust me- I’m never quiet! Everything went by so fast I didn’t even think of the pain. I fell in love with my baby! All I wanted to do was protect him and teach him everything. He reminded me of why Daniel and I love each other so much. We met in high school and we’ve been together ever since and I’ve always wanted to be a mommy one day. On June 29th, 2021, we were finally blessed with Jude. I am still overwhelmed with emotion about this day. It still seems so surreal. 

PopYum: What tips would you give to a first time parent that you wish you knew when you had your first baby?

Frankie: One tip I would give to a first time parent is to never apologize. Babies cry and babies get overwhelmed. It’s normal and it’s okay. So don’t rush out of the grocery store. Take your time and let other people go by. Don’t allow yourself to apologize for having a baby in public.

Another tip would be to take care of yourself too. We can get overwhelmed with taking care of the baby but just remember you can’t take care of them properly without taking care of yourself too. I used to feel bad for wanting to do something alone even though I knew I needed just a few moments to myself. Once I accepted the help from family, I started to find myself feeling better after those few moments alone to sort of restart. 

PopYum: What do you think is the most challenging part of being a mom?

Frankie: The most challenging part about being a mom for me has been balancing parenting choices. I get a lot of input from family as well and I sometimes get frustrated because I want to do everything my way. I have a hard time accepting that it’s okay if everything isn’t perfect. 

PopYum: What’s your favorite thing about PopYum?

Frankie: My favorite thing about PopYum is that it takes the stress and worry away from feeding your baby. When I tried breastfeeding, it was quick and I could get my baby’s needs met on call. When I switched over to formula feeding, I was so stressed out that I’d have to take extra steps before I could feed my baby. It was making me so anxious about feeding him and I didn’t want to go anywhere because I was afraid I’d mess up his bottles because I was rushing or nervous. Once I discovered PopYum, I was able to make an entire day's worth of bottles in a clean and anxious free setting. Whenever he was hungry it took just a few seconds to make and then he was a happy fed baby. Ever since I started using these bottles, I’ve been able to feed my baby everywhere and by anybody on demand just as my baby needs. He’s been on a plane, at a park, in a restaurant, at a mall, and at families houses. This kid is mobile and I never have to worry about making bottles. I love how easy they are to put together and clean. My baby has been using them since he was two months old. Like I said, anyone could make the bottle, it's so easy! He even had a few of his cousins feed him and they’re under 10 years old. The bottles make feeding a fun and enjoyable moment between baby and whoever is feeding. 

PopYum: What is your favorite part about becoming a mom?

Frankie: My favorite part about becoming a mom is being my baby's first teacher. I love seeing Jude learn and be curious about everything he sees. I’m constantly teaching him words and he copies vowels as best as he can. It’s amazing how much babies pick up just by observing. I love teaching him daily and watching him meet his milestones. 

PopYum: Tell us about your baby!

Frankie: Jude is a very curious and hungry baby! He loves being outside and playing with his doggies. We visit family a lot as well and they enjoy feeding Jude. They said he’s got the coolest bottles and love shaking them up for him. He loves eating while watching movies or listening to music. He likes to watch mommy cook while he dances in his high chair to some music. He is a very active baby and loves to roll around on the floor, he’s almost crawling! He is growing so fast and I can’t believe how smart he already is. 

PopYum: Tell us something about you! What do you like to do for fun?

Frankie: I enjoy playing music and being outside. I started playing violin in the third grade and have loved it ever since! My favorite place is the rose garden in Balboa Park. It is so peaceful to be outside surrounded by beautiful smelling flowers. The beach is my favorite place to just escape everything. 

PopYum: How do you find ‘me-time’ while raising your kids?

Frankie: I don’t usually like “me-time” but I consider my time to be grocery shopping alone! I enjoy being with my baby and I have so much fun. I get my time alone to shop and reset and I enjoy organizing my house and cooking, so I guess my other hobby would just be being a stay at home mom! 

PopYum: Do you have anything else about yourself, your family, your kids, or anything else that you’d like to share with PopYum friends and family?

Frankie: I really wanted to thank PopYum for such an amazing product. I was so nervous to have a baby in my one bedroom apartment. The walls are very thin in the building and I was afraid I’d take too long to get my baby a bottle in the middle of the night when he was a newborn. The PopYum bottles really took the stress out of feeding my baby. They helped my boyfriend and I adjust to becoming first time parents and we are beyond thankful and grateful for the PopYum bottles. We took turns feeding throughout the night when Jude was a newborn and we didn’t have to worry about mismeasuring bottles since we could make them ahead of time. We seriously love these bottles! 

PopYum: Do you have any “mom hacks” or cool tips or tricks you’d like to share with the rest of PopYum Nation? 

Frankie: My biggest mom hack has been having enough bottles made for the whole day. This works perfect for daycare, travel, daily life or just about everything. I’ve used the bottles in every setting and I loved them the most when I had to travel for work. They are life savers for first time parents and night feeds!

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