Gratitude with PopYum

Gratitude with PopYum

From all of us at PopYum, we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We would also like to extend a big thank you to all of you awesome PopYum moms, dads, and friends and for being a part of our amazing PopYum community! 

We know being a new parent can be SUPER exhausting - from not getting enough sleep, to trying to take care of the millions of tasks on your to-do list, to trying to figure everything out. These moments may feel like they’re flying right by, and other times may feel like you’ve just had the longest day ever and you can’t wait to just jump right back into bed. In moments like these, gratitude is a great way to clear your mind and focus on all of the special things around us. 

To celebrate the month of gratitude, we have asked other fellow PopYum moms, dads, and friends to share with us what they are grateful for as part of our Thanksgiving Giveaway project. We held our Thanksgiving Giveaway project on Facebook and Instagram, and the most common responses for what our fellow PopYum community said they were grateful for include - my wife/husband, my family, my friends, my parents, my health, my life, every second of my life, my grandma, my teachers, hospice nurses, my kids, my job, working from home, food, my boyfriend/girlfriend, my dog, love, freedom to make our own decisions & be myself, and everything I have. 

By random selection, we have selected 2 winners from Instagram and 2 winners from Facebook for a total of 4 winners. Congratulations to the following winners: 

Instagram Winners: Chantty & Dina

Facebook Winners: Anisa & Fahad 

Chantty img





Anisa’s baby due in March        

PopYum Bottle

Fahad (No photo available)

Chantty, one of our Instagram winners, said that she was grateful for her family that she created with her high school sweetheart. Chantty also wanted to share some words with the rest of our PopYum community below: 

“I’d like to say that I am thankful for my husband for getting me these bottles. I had mentioned it to him once and he got them right away for me. The convenience the PopYum bottle offers me especially when having two babies that are 11 months apart is heaven in a bottle. Plus how easy it is to set it up and to have it ready for when your baby is ready to feed is awesome. SAY GOODBYE TO CRYING BABIES FOR MILK. I have already recommended the PopYum bottles to all of my family and friends. I gifted my sister a set of 3 PopYum and she loves it. Definitely worth every penny!” -Chantty

Dina, our other Instagram winner, said that she was grateful for her friends and family. Anisa, one of our Facebook winners, said that she was grateful for her two sons, her daughter, and her unborn son that will be due in March. Her baby will be named Jayden and can be seen in the photo above. Anisa also wanted to share with the PopYum community that she loves the shape of the nipple. PopYum nipples feature a new wide nipple design and natural latch which support a smooth transition from breast to bottle. PopYum nipples are only made from medical grade silicone. To learn more about PopYum bottles, check out our FAQ at . Our 5 oz PopYum bottles comes with a stage 1 nipple (great for 0-3 months old babies) and our 9 oz PopYum bottles come with a stage 2 nipple (great for 3-6 months old babies). For stage 3 and 4 nipples, they can be purchased at . Whether you breastfeed, formula feed, or both, PopYum is here to help make your life easier with night feedings as well as being a bottle that holds formula and water so that when your baby is hungry, at the press of a button, your baby can be fed instantly.

PopYum is very excited to be a part of her new baby’s journey starting in March. Fahad, our other Facebook winner, said he was grateful for his family.

Curious on more ways to add gratitude into your daily life? Here are some ideas on how to practice gratitude. Not only is it great for yourself and your self care, but also for your baby too! 

  • Start a gratitude journal - Write down the things that you are grateful for in a journal. Sometimes you may not even realize what you’re grateful for until you sit down and take a quiet moment to just think and write! 
  • Remember to show gratitude to yourself. Pat yourself on the back for a job well-done. Acknowledge when times are difficult, and show yourself some gratitude by being gentle to yourself during trying times. 
  • Share your gratitude with others - Expressing gratitude to those around you such as your parents, spouse, friends, siblings, and more can not only strengthen your relationships, but also give a smile to someone as they hear how special they are to you. 
  • Take a moment to notice all of the beauty around you - whether it’s nature, your baby’s smile, or even how beautiful you look today.
  • Say “I love you” to all of your loved ones.
  • When you have a negative thought, try to think of the positive side of the situation. 
  • Thank the people in the community that help others - such as bus drivers, doctors, nurses, and so on.
  • Say thank you to even the smallest of things people have done for you - you may realize you may have taken something for granted. 
  • Volunteer or support organizations that support a cause you support. 
  • Share some of the benefits of practicing gratitude with your friends and family - it will be much easier to practice gratitude when the people around you are also practicing gratitude as well! Some of the most common benefits of gratitude include physical, emotional/mental, and social benefits - where overall life satisfaction is higher. 
  • Try a new activity that you’ve always wanted to try - time is limited and life is short, so try something that you’ve never done before! Me time is so important even through all of the busy times. 

What are you grateful for? We want to hear! Share in the comments below! 

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