Janie S. - Our New PopYum SuperStar!

Janie S. - Our New PopYum SuperStar!

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Say hello to our new PopYum SuperStar Janie from Georgia! She’s a mom of 2 who loves hiking and going to the gym. 

PopYum Superstars features our wonderful PopYum moms and dads who love to share the joy of PopYum with other babies and parents! We love to meet all of you wonderful PopYum family and friends. It always brings a smile to our face seeing the joys of feeding and to be a part of your baby’s life. 

We would like to give a big shoutout to our superfans, who will be honored with the title of PopYum Superstar! PopYum Superstars can earn free PopYum products, become an affiliate with PopYum on Amazon, have an article featuring him/her in our blog and a mention on our website, and may be involved with some of our exciting activities- such as giveaways, contests, and more! For a chance to be a PopYum star, share your stories and posts with your baby and PopYum and you may be selected to be our next PopYum Superstar! 

PopYum is very excited to have Janie S. as our sixth PopYum Superstar joining us! We got the wonderful chance to talk with Janie to learn more about her amazing journey as a mom of 2. 

PopYum: How did you feel the day you became a mom for the first time?

Janie: I felt complete - like everything in my life led to this very moment and it was so worth it. My children are my whole entire world and the day I became a mom was the day my life truly began for me. 

PopYum: How did you discover PopYum?

Janie: I found out I’d have to formula feed my second baby so I decided to look into different bottles and found PopYum through a friend. She let me try one of hers and I was hooked! They make life so, so easy- especially for those middle of the night feedings as well as outings! 

PopYum: What tips would you give to a first time parent that you wish you knew when you had your first baby?

Janie: My biggest tip is to not expect perfection from yourself. Give yourself grace. You’re learning how to be a mama and you’re doing great. 

PopYum: What do you think is the most challenging part of being a mom?

Janie: The most challenging part of being a mom for me is the constant struggle between wanting time for myself and feeling guilty when I get that time. It’s so important to make time for yourself as a mom though. 

PopYum: What’s your favorite thing about PopYum?

Janie: My favorite thing about PopYum is how easy it makes night time feedings. When the babe wakes up to eat, it’s time to eat NOW! No time to waste. 

PopYum: What is your favorite part about becoming a mom?

Janie: My favorite part of being a mom is watching 2 pieces of my heart grow up on the outside. It’s such a rewarding and emotional thing. I love my babies more than life itself and I feel so blessed to be their mommy. 

PopYum: Tell us about your baby!

Janie: My little guy using PopYum bottles is 2 months old. His name is Colson! We call him Coco. He is such a sweet baby. He rolls from belly to back already and LOVES tummy time. He is actually our last baby so I’m savoring every moment. 

PopYum: Tell us something about you! What do you like to do for fun?

Janie: For fun I enjoy thrift shopping and finding new places to go hiking with the boys! We live close to a big city so there’s always hidden gems thrift and hike wise - I love it. 

PopYum: How do you find ‘me-time’ while raising your kids?

Janie: My me-time is going to the gym. I actually work very part time there in the childcare area so I take the kiddos with me. Then I go in the afternoon and leave them in childcare with my coworker friend and go do an exercise class! It’s been a great release for stress and emotions and bettering myself. 

PopYum: Do you have any “mom hacks” or cool tips or tricks you’d like to share with the rest of PopYum Nation? 

Janie: My biggest mom hack is waking up 30 minutes before the kiddos and drinking a cup of coffee, getting dressed, and just soaking in the silence. It helps me decompress from the day before and sets a good mood for the whole day. When I miss that 30 minutes before they wake up, the whole day feels off kilter! 

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