Win Cool Prizes with PopYum March Madness

Win Cool Prizes with PopYum March Madness

MARCH MADNESS! Do YOU want to score some Amazon Gift Cards or PopYum Bottles? We are having 8 CHANCES to WIN your choice of either a $25 Amazon gift card or 3-pack of 5 or 9 oz PopYum bottles throughout March with our grand winner at the end to win a $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD!!! In celebration of March Madness, PopYum has decided to host our own PopYum March Madness Tournament that you- yes you, and anyone, can enter- no purchase necessary!

We know this chart can be a little confusing- so we are here to break down all the details! March Madness will take place over 4 weeks as follows: 

  1. Week 1: Mon 3/7/22- Fri 3/11/22
  2. Week 2: Mon 3/13/22 - Fri 3/19/22
  3. Week 3: Mon 3/20/22 - Fri 3/26/22
  4. Week 4: Mon 3/27/22 - Fri 4/4/22

The links to each of the videos for the matches are as follows: 









Week 1: 

To get ready for PopYum March Madness, look at the overall 8 “teams” (a team is considered a PopYum TikTok Video and matches have been preset according to our bracket chart), and vote for which team/video you think will be the grand winner at the end by commenting below (on either Instagram or Facebook- or both!) the number of the team you want to vote for - limit 1 vote per person. Please also make sure to:

  1. LIKE the post 
  2. FOLLOW PopYum on (Facebook/Instagram) in order for your vote to be counted. 
  3. To have UP TO 3 additional entries, tag up to 3 friends in the same comment as your vote (1 friend- 1 extra entry, 2 friends- 2 extra entries, 3 friends - 3 extra entries). Votes/tags must be submitted between Monday 3/7/22 12:00 AM PST and Thursday 3/10/22 11:59 PM PST. Our first winner will be randomly selected from our pool of votes and announced on Friday 3/11/22. 

M 3/7/22 12:00 AM - Thu 3/10/22 11:59 PM: Match 0 - Voting OPEN

F 3/11/22: Winner of Match 0 announced


Week 2: 

First official week of March Madness - We will have FOUR total matches this week! Each match will be “live” for only 24 hours- so make sure to get your vote in for each match. Limit 1 vote per person per match- so if you vote in all 4 matches, you can get up to 4 votes entered + an additional UP TO 3 additional entries per match by tagging up to 3 friends in the same comment in your vote. Winners for all 4 matches will be announced on Friday, 3/18/22. 

The matches will be as follows: 

M 3/14/22- Match 1 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM Voting OPEN

Tu 3/15/22- Match 2 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM Voting OPEN

W 3/16/22- Match 3 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM Voting OPEN

Th 3/17/22- Match 4  12:00 AM - 11:59 PM Voting OPEN

F 3/18/22 - Winners of Match 1-4 announced


Week 3: 

M 3/21/22 12:00 AM - Tu 3/22/22 11:59 PM- Match 5 Voting OPEN

W 2/23/22 12:00 AM - Th 3/24/22 11:59 PM - Match 6 Voting OPEN

F 3/25/22 - Winners of Match 5-6 announced 


Week 4: 

M 3/28/22 12:00 AM - Th 3/31/22 11:59 PM - Final Match Voting OPEN

F 4/1/22: Final Winner announced 


Any questions? Feel free to ask below! We look forward to seeing your votes! 

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