Katie- Our New PopYum SuperStar from Connecticut

Katie- Our New PopYum SuperStar from Connecticut

Let’s give a big welcome to our new PopYum SuperStar Katie from Connecticut! She is a mom of two boys - Cooper, currently 3 years old, and Jackson, who is 20 months old! Katie is a big fan of everything Disney and is a therapist by day and a travel agent by night! Talk about an amazing and hard working woman! 

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PopYum is very excited to have Katie as our fourteenth PopYum Superstar joining us! We got the wonderful chance to talk with Katie to learn more about her amazing journey as a proud mama of two amazing sons, a therapist, and a travel agent!

Katie’s Instagram: @magicaldisneytherapist 

Katie’s TikTok: @magicaldisneytherapist 

PopYum: How did you feel the day you became a mom for the first time?

Katie: I felt overwhelmed with joy. I knew from a young age that being a mom was something that I was the most excited about! From the beginning of pregnancy, I made the decision to strictly formula feed and it was THE BEST decision for me.

PopYum: How did you discover PopYum?

Katie: I am all about products that make life with a baby easier and I came across PopYum on Amazon!

PopYum: What tips would you give to a first time parent that you wish you knew when you had your first baby?

Katie: DO NOT let anyone influence you. You are the best mama to that baby and you know what is best for both of you. As a therapist, your mental health is THE MOST IMPORTANT! Give yourself grace and take self-care days once a week.

PopYum: What do you think is the most challenging part of being a mom?

Katie: As a therapist and a mom, the postpartum period, right after birth and can last up to 1 or even 2 years after, is the most challenging period to navigate. Be proactive, get connected with a therapist who specializes in postpartum and know who your natural supports are for you at home.

PopYum: What’s your favorite thing about PopYum?

Katie: The convenience and simplicity! My grandmother, my childrens’ great-grandma, babysits sometimes still and even she can easily make them a bottle!

PopYum: What is your favorite part about becoming a mom?

Katie: Being the foundation to their life and creating and instilling values into them in order to grow into the best toddler, kids, and adults that they can possibly be.

PopYum: Tell us about your kids!

Katie: I have two amazing boys who are 18 months apart! Being a mom was a bumpy transition, but once I received the appropriate postpartum support, it was a breeze! It was so great that I knew I wanted to have another baby so soon! They have such different personalities and I am truly enjoying them going through their toddlers phases, but I miss the newborn phase so much!

PopYum: Tell us about you!

Katie: Aside from being a mom to two amazing toddler boys and a wife to my amazing husband of 5 years, I am a licensed professional counselor in the state of Connecticut and a travel agent with ‘We Do Travel Right!’ I am able to combine both my loves for helping people in two different ways; through traveling and mental health! A huge part of postpartum mental health in today's society is what I love focusing on. I love supporting my moms with the struggles in becoming a new or returning parents to newborns and supporting them with traveling with their young ones!

PopYum: What do you like to do for fun?

Katie: For at home activities, we love to be outside; going for walks and playing in the backyard on the trampoline or water play! Of course, we love traveling to Disney and our local Six Flags for fun as well! In the summer, we enjoy going to my mom's camper near the beach in Rhode Island!

PopYum: How do you find ‘me-time’ while raising your baby?

Katie: My daily me-time is going to bed right after the kids at 8pm and relaxing in bed. My husband and I also have a great system where he sleeps in one weekend morning and I sleep in the other morning. We also each go out of the house once per week with our friends and try to do one date night a month together, if not two! These things are so so important to do from a therapist's point and a mom’s!

PopYum: Do you have any “mom hacks” or cool tips or tricks you’d like to share with the rest of PopYum Nation? 

Katie: Two of my must-haves, besides PopYum, are SlumberPods and Baby Breeza!


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