Playtime Fun with PopYum Silicone Training Cups

Playtime Fun with PopYum Silicone Training Cups

Looking for fun ways to pass the time with your toddler and build some physical activities into the day? On average, most toddlers between the ages of 2-4 need about 3 hours of physical activity each day. With lots of energy and a short attention span, it’s a good idea to come up with some fun, simple activities for them to enjoy. For those who have our PopYum silicone training cups, check out our list of playtime fun for toddlers below! 

  1. Pass the PopYum Silicone Cup: Start by having your toddler pass the PopYum silicone cup back and forth with you while singing their favorite nursery rhyme. Once the rhyme is over, the person left holding the cup is out of the game. Include siblings or friends! Our cups are unbreakable and light, making them the perfect “hot potato”! 

  2. Hide and Seek: Take a few cups and turn them upside down, hiding an object underneath one of them. Show your baby which cup the object is under and then move the cups around. Can your baby remember which cup the object is under?

  3. Simon Says with PopYum: As the parent, play the role of “Simon” and have your toddler hold a silicone cup. You could say commands such as, “Simon says cheers!” or “Simon says drink!” or “Simon says put the cup on the table.” “Pick up the cup! Wait–Simon did not say to pick up the cup.”

  4. PopYum Toss: Set up one or more PopYum silicone cups on a table, or somewhere flat outside, and have your toddler try to toss a small ball, paper airplane, or even a snowball, if it’s snowing, into the mouth of the cups. 

  5. Catch the Bubbles with PopYum: Blow some bubbles, or use a bubble blowing machine, and have your toddler try to catch the floating bubbles with the cup. 

  6. Fill the PopYum Cups with Water: Place multiple cups in a row, either on a table or outside. Have the first cup filled with water, then ask your toddler to pour the water from one cup to the next. If your toddler is up for the challenge, you can also place the cups further apart so they’d have to walk to get to the next cup. 

  7. PopYum Bowling: Set up as many silicone cups as you’d like and have your little one roll a big ball to try to knock them down. 

  8. PopYum Treasure Hunt: Hide one or more silicone cups and have your little one try to find the PopYum treasures! Think of it like hide and seek but instead of finding people, you’re finding PopYum! 

  9. PopYum Stacking Competition: Have a mini stacking competition with PopYum silicone cups! This would be a great idea if your little one has siblings or friends who can join. See who can build the tallest PopYum tower! 

  10. Run away from the PopYum Monster: Hold one silicone cup in each hand and hold your arms up high. Pretend to be the PopYum Monster, as you chase your toddler around. 

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