PopYum Insulated Kids’ Cups 101 (Not Just for Kids!)

PopYum Insulated Kids’ Cups 101 (Not Just for Kids!)

Looking for that perfect “on-the-go”, cute and colorful, insulated cup, tumbler, or sippy cup that will ABSOLUTELY keep drinks HOT AND COLD for hours on end?  Well, check out PopYum’s new dishwasher safe, premium 18/8 stainless steel cups! We are super excited to announce these superior insulated cups now come in two sizes – 9oz and 13oz! 

Great On-the-GO 

These travel-friendly cups are ideal for daily outings and long adventures. Whether you are hopping on your bike for a family ride, getting in the car for a  road trip, or taking a flight to your dream destination, PopYum's insulated cups are the answer to an easy to clean, no-spill, and refillable drink vessel. With triple-wall insulation, you and your child’s drink will stay hot or cold for hours! 

Great for Car Rides 

PopYum Insulated Kids’ Cups are a game-changer for car rides with children! They are specifically designed to fit in cup holders, making them convenient and easy to use while on the go. In addition to their amazing temperature-regulating insulation, PopYum cups are also leak-proof. This means you and your kids can enjoy favorite beverages without fear of spills or messes in the car. Whether you're driving on a bumpy road or making sudden stops, these cups will keep your drinks securely contained. As a parent, PopYum insulated cups truly provide the convenience and peace of mind you need during car rides.

Great for Customizing


Looking to start a DIY project? With a wide range of vibrant and eye-catching color and size options to choose from, you can easily add your own personal touch to PopYum’s insulated cups. Whether it's monogramming or adding your child's favorite character, the possibilities are endless.  As well, mistakenly identifying someone else's Stanley or Yeti as your own is easy to do, while PopYum cups have their own unique vibrant colors, making them an excellent choice for making custom cups. To give you a glimpse of the endless possibilities of customization, check out this video of Tamara personalizing her own PopYum mommy-and-me personalized tumbler

While there are a myriad of customizations available to you for your PopYum cups, some of the most common and easy ways to start include vinyl decals, paint, sublimation ink, and glitter. Check out this customized design using waterproof stickers done by a cat and PopYum mom!  You'll be amazed at how easy and fun it is to make these insulated cups uniquely yours.

Great Mommy-and-Me Cups

 Whether you're looking for matching color cups or different size cups for mommy-and-me moments, PopYum insulated cups are perfect for creating special memories with your child. Choose from our range of vibrant pastel colors and 9 oz or 13 oz sizes. With so many options, you can find the perfect cup to suit you and your child’s personal style. If you’re wondering what beautiful colors these cups come in - take a look! PopYum insulated kids’ cups are available in packs of two and come in orange and sky blue, sky blue and mint green, mint green and pastel pink, orchid pink and sky blue, and orchid pink and electric purple. 

Great at Keeping Drinks Hot

Imagine taking a sip of your favorite hot drink on a chilly winter morning, instantly making you feel more comfortable and cozy. That's the power of PopYum insulated cups. Unlike regular cups, which can quickly cool hot drinks down, our insulated cups are designed to trap and prevent heat from escaping. This means that your drinks will stay hot for longer periods, allowing you to savor every sip without worrying about cooling down too quickly.  You may be wondering  how do insulated cups work? It's all about the materials used in their construction. These cups are typically made with a double-wall or vacuum-insulated design, which creates a barrier between the inside and outside temperatures. However, PopYum insulated cups take it one step further with triple-wall insulation. The air or vacuum between the walls acts as a thermal insulator, preventing heat from transferring to the outside of the cup. This insulation not only keeps your drinks hot but also ensures that the cup remains cool to the touch, so you can comfortably hold it without burning your hands.

Great at Keeping Drinks Cold

Not only are PopYum insulated cups great at keeping drinks hot for hours, they are fabulous at keeping drinks cold for hours! Now imagine enjoying a chilled cup of lemonade or a frosty smoothie or shake on a scorching summer day without worrying about it warming up too quickly. With PopYum insulated cups, your drinks will stay refreshingly cold until the very last sip. Not only are they great as a Summer kids’ cup, but they also come in handy for post-workout refreshments. PopYum insulated cups are perfect to bring to your child’s gymnastics practice, soccer match, and more! Planning a birthday party for your child? PopYum insulated cups are also great for bringing ice cream on the go! Having an ice cream party outdoors is easily accomplished with our cups.  Pre-prep individual ice cream cups for everyone in their own PopYum cup to take to the party! 

Not Just a Kid’s Cup


Although our insulated kids cups were originally designed with kids in mind, they also cater to the needs of adults. PopYum cups have gained popularity among parents who have discovered their versatility, convenience, and that they work great as a coffee and tea tumbler as well!  Whether you're a busy stay at home mom / stay at home dad or a working mom looking to stay hydrated throughout the day, PopYum cups are the easy all-day and into the night solution. 

Easy to Clean

Insulated cups can be quite a hassle when it comes to cleaning, but with PopYum's wide mouth and simple lid, cleaning is no longer a chore. These cups are designed to be dishwasher safe, saving you valuable time and effort. Say goodbye to the days of scrubbing and hand washing, and let your dishwasher do the work for you.

Keeps Your Drink Secure

Having a twist lock top is a beneficial feature of the PopYum insulated cup as it ensures that the lid remains securely in place to help prevent big spills and leaks. This innovative design provides a mess-free and spill-proof experience, allowing parents and caregivers to say goodbye to big, messy spills. Other tumblers, like Contigo, often have drinks spilling from an accidental press of a button or lids easily falling off the cup. This can be avoided with PopYum. 

Space Saving Solutions

PopYum insulated kids' cups are a convenient and space-saving solution for every kitchen. These cups can be easily stored and are stackable, with or without lids, allowing you to maximize your kitchen space.

Made for Easy Drinking

Kids and toddlers will have the choice of sipping water and their favorite beverage from the lid or from the straw.  PopYum insulated cups were specially designed with a straw vent and straw bumper that allows liquid to flow through the straw evenly which makes drinking easier and more enjoyable for kids.  

Made Safe for Children

 PopYum is consciously committed to making products with your child’s safety in mind.  Only quality tested, premium materials that are free of BPA, BPS, latex, lead, nitrosamines, PET, phthalates, PVC and TPE are used in making all PopYum products, Additionally, only  premium silicone is used to make all of our silicone straws, which are great for kids with developing teeth

Great for School

When it comes to children's health, hydration is essential. Studies performed at Harvard University have shown that, on average, over half of the children and adolescents In the United States are not drinking enough water. Without enough hydration, children can face the negative effects of dehydration such as impaired physical health, cognitive, and emotional functioning. By providing kids with a likable and easy “go-to” cup for drinking, such as PopYum's 9oz or 13oz  insulated cups, parents can help ensure that their children have a convenient and enjoyable way to stay hydrated at school. Children will love that their drinks are kept fresh, hot or cold, throughout the school day

Great for Night Time Hydration 

With PopYum’s twist and secure lock top on both the 9oz and 13oz, stainless steel insulated cups, your child can quench their middle-of-the-nighttime thirst by having their cup accessible nearby.  Say goodbye to answering your child’s thirsty call at midnight, because with a flip of the lock, your child will be able to have a fresh sip of water all on their own. PopYum makes bedtime routines easier and allows your little one to become more independent, creating a big difference in your child’s nighttime routine

A Better Insulated Cup

 PopYum Insulated Kids’ Cups offer superior functionality and safety, ensuring you have a worry-free experience every time you or your child uses them. PopYum insulated cups are made with triple wall protection which sets it apart from most other single or double wall insulated cups making it a better product for you and your family. 

 Check out this video showing what some kids had to say when comparing their drinking experience with PopYum Insulated Kids’ Cups versus other brands’ cups


 Baby experts from Baby Chick also reviewed PopYum Insulated Kids’ cups and highlighted PopYums features compared to other brands in this video. 

Loved by The PopYum Community

We are so appreciative of the great things we have been hearing about our products from our PopYum community. From kids to parents, check out what parents and kids have to say about PopYum  Insulated Kids’ Cups! 















Jude: “Yay! I got a big kid cup just like mama!” 















Frankie: The original baby bottle made the transition to motherhood stress free. Now that my son is a toddler, Jude likes to mimic me. As a coffee lover, I sometimes use his cups too. They’re really perfect for everyone. Inclusion is a big part of raising kiddos and it’s great that PopYum products also include the parents! It’s also great that PopYum products are safe for all ages and can be helpful for all ages too! I now have a cup Jude likes to use and can wash himself too. It’s great for teaching independence as well.  He can open and close it all on his own so refilling it is a breeze. 

We have been a PopYum family since day one and have enjoyed the new products that have evolved alongside Jude’s growth. The silicone cups made the transition from bottle to cup safe. And now, the ‘big kid cups’ or tumblers have changed the toddler cup game. He calls the cups his ‘Starbucks’ cup. Long story short, I’m a mama who loves PopYum and my kiddo has been drinking and eating from PopYum products since he was born. ‘Just like mama’ is great to hear and we love PopYum! “ 















Tamara: “The best cups to keep drinks cold for the kids at the zoo! Finally, a reasonably sized cup that toddlers can use and actually hold when full!” 



Evelyn: "I think it's fun Olivia (Baby Sis) and I have our own sizes ...she thinks she’s a big girl with her cup too." 

















Jillian: “I’ve had more than a few friends grab these insulated cups, but I think my favorite review so far has been ‘Day 2 and my child with autism and sensory issues is drinking from her PopYum cup!’ I mean - how cool is that?!” 

















Jaylene: “My PopYum cup has magic inside because I dropped it and it rolled and it didn’t spill!” 



Jenny: “Insulated cups are the best invented cups for kids PLUS the silicone straws to keep water fresh and cold especially in Phoenix Arizona with the 120° heat! The heat can't beat the insulated cups' freshness! Totally recommend these cups! I’m worry free about kids making a mess and drinks going to waste because it’s now the right temperature. Best cups ever!”




Katie: “I am so excited to share how amazing these cups have been for us the past few weeks! We use them almost daily and they hold up 10/10 in the dishwasher! This is an item you can easily travel with as well (to Disney) and clean easily as well!” 



@itsjustourlife I love bonding with Aubrei she loves doing stuff like this and if you’re a tumbler lover like me you’d love @popyum we even got Ariyah a popyum bottle 😂😂use code Aubrei15 to get one too #fyp #foryou #foryoupage … not me realizing I only have one earring on 🙄😭 #viral ♬ Here Comes the Sun - Relaxing Instrumental Music


Khiana: “I love bonding moments like this with Aubrei! She wanted to make hot chocolate today because it is COLD! So we used our PopYum cups to make sure we can enjoy them hot all day!” 















Nina: "This insulated kids cup has quickly become a favorite in our house. The kids think it's so cool to use for their smoothies in the morning and lemonade or hot cocoa in the afternoon and evening (depending on temperature). It's the perfect size for their tiny hands. As for me, there are so many features that I love about these cups. My favorites are the twist lock tops, so they don't pop off, and that they are dishwasher-safe. Less cleaning for mama! I highly recommend these PopYum insulated kids' cups."


Want to see more of PopYum’s new Insulated Kids’ Cups in action? Check out this video! Stay hydrated with convenience and style using PopYum's new insulated kids cups. Your child will love the vibrant colors and you'll love the practicality and durability. Order yours today at Popyum.com or Amazon and enjoy the benefits of these fantastic cups all year round! Take 20% off with code POPBLOG20 at popyum.com! 

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