PopYum Baby Bottle On The Go

PopYum Baby Bottle Tips

New to PopYum Baby Bottles? Would you like to learn more about the bottle that separates water from formula, or breastmilk from the nipple until feeding time? Here are some tips that might be useful for the start of your PopYum journey! 

Tip 1: Inserting the PopYum Nipple Into the PopYum Bottle

Pinch the nipple and pull it in from the bottom to the top of the mid section until you hear a pop. 

Secure Nipple In Place

Tip 2: Removing the Nipple

Walk fingers down the nipple from the top and pinch and pull the nipple out from the top 

Removing the Nipple

Tip 3: Use the Cap to Help Load the Formula 

Place the cap onto the orange mid section part and flip it upside down. Since the bottom of the cap is flat, it keeps the bottle in place! 

Putting the cap on before loading

Tip 4: Use the Funnel When Pouring in Formula 

To help all of the formula get into the bottle without making a mess, place the formula on top of the opening before pouring the formula in.

Using the Funnel

Tip 5: Avoid Clumping in the Bottle 

If you see clumping of formula at the tip of the nipple after pouring formula in, tap the whole bottle with the cap facing up 3 times vertically up and down and you are all ready to go! 

Watch the Video

Tip 6: Use Room Temperature Water 

To avoid burning your baby’s mouth, we recommend using room temperature water. The agitator can also potentially fall out if hot water is used. 


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