Feeding Baby with PopYum Bottle With Only One Hand

With One Hand Only, It's YUM time!

With only 2 hands, it’s hard to do everything at once! With PopYum bottles, with just one hand, you can prepare food and feed your baby while multi-tasking or comforting your baby with your other hand! PopYum separates formula from water, so when it's time to feed, it's all fresh and ready in seconds!

To prepare for feeding time, store the dry powder formula at the top and water on the bottom, with the agitator in the middle that separates the formula from the water. 

Then, when you’re ready to feed, with just ONE hand, press the buttons on the side. The agitator will drop, then the formula and water will come together and with a few shakes, your formula is all ready to drink! 

No more long hours of storing in a refrigerator needed! Whether your baby is at home, at daycare, or out of the home day or night, prepare formula instantly and just pop, shake, and yum!

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